CG Supervisor / Animator / Maya Generalist

A Creative CG Generalist with a recent certification in 3D Character Animation and 13 years of experience demonstrating artistic capabilities and digital expertise is currently seeking a new role that will draw upon skills and experience in visual effects creation, animation, production scheduling, editing, and integrations.

  • Refined aesthetic and technical aptitude in developing visually stunning and photo-real visual effects.
  • Intrinsic capabilities in hand drawing 2-D illustrations, lighting, texturing, Maya modeling, composting, creating compelling shots, and setting props for a range of products.
  • Excellence in creating photorealistic stills, animations, and illusions for music videos, TV commercials, Emmy Award-winning television shows, and feature films for Fortune 500 clients.
  • An expert at interacting with the target audience through creative storytelling and visual direction.
  • Experienced at serving as a central hub for all shot preparation to ensure camera accuracy in CG elements including match moving, layout, and performance retargeting.
  • Track record of delivering as per production schedules, leading CG/ VFX teams, and incorporating complex edits while adhering to broadcast standards.

Core Competencies

  • 3-D Character Animation
  • VFX Creation
  • Project Leadership
  • Creative Management
  • 2-D Hand Drawn Illustrations
  • Composting and Editing
  • Modeling and Lighting
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Production Scheduling
  • Audience Engagement
  • Client Relations
  • Staff Training & Development

Professional Background

Zero VFX (2018)

Freelance CG Animator
  • Assisted in preparing the opening shot of a feature film by designing and animating virtual CG cameras and integrating the same with the real-world camera.
  • Created animations consistent with specifications, timing and budgetary parameters while exceeding client expectations.
  • Leveraged an understanding of CG pipelines to develop efficient workflows and identify additional tools required.
  • Developed performance and movement for creatures, objects, and characters for the given assignments.

CoSA VFX (2017 - 2018)

CG Supervisor
  • Was rehired to develop creative capabilities, overcome CG related challenges, raise visual effects standards, and produce consistent high-quality shots for the prime-time television shows.
  • Understood storyline and show requirements in coordination with clients, directors, AD’s, DP’s, and visual effects producers; presented innovative ideas to enhance visual concepts and designs.
  • Developed tools, techniques, and pipelines in line with other supervisors and finalized looks, styles of effects, and elements, conducive to the increased visual appeal of the story.

CoSA VFX (2016 - 2017)

CG Artist
  • Created and integrated high-quality photo-real CG effects and animation into the live-action footage for numerous network and cable television series. Maintained the right texture scale consistency across the models.
  • Provided solutions for integrating complex effects and delivered television shots ahead of schedule.

Flight 33 Productions (2014 - 2016)

Animator and CG Generalist
  • Was rehired to produce consistent and scientifically viable photo-real graphics and animations for televised Science and Documentary programs. Reproduced exact camera moves within a digital environment for the desired effect.
  • Maintained an accurate understanding of issues and implemented corrective actions; adjusted schedules to complete assignments with tight deadlines.
  • Ensured correct interpretation of storyboards, accuracy, and visual appeal of each segment in consultation with writers, directors, and scientists.

VFX Legion (2015)

Freelance CG Lighter
  • Developed lighting set-ups, produced photo-real renders of CG elements, and integrated into the footage.
  • Created photorealistic compositions and resolved arising issues.

Moo Studios (2010 - 2015)

Freelance Animator, Compositor, and CG Generalist
  • Collaborated with the Creative team to produce interactive animation style, still layouts, and visual effects concepts including graphic designs for web, film, motion videos, and broadcast television.
  • Was rehired to create appearances and movement for animations based on the prior record of service excellence.
  • Generated high-quality illusions by leading compositing and green screen keying efforts; developed conceptual drafts, models, and sketches for final selection of scenes and characters’ animation.
  • Consulted with writers on various aspects of the story for plot implantation and coordinated with producers to manage schedules and timely project deliveries.
  • Remained current on emerging techniques and technologies to deliver competitive assignments.

Disney/ABC Television Group (2013)

Freelance Character Animator, Compositor, and CG Generalist
  • Developed all creative (character, prop, and effects animation) as per pre-established style guidelines and quality and consistency standards.
  • Optimized set-ups for efficiency and ensured resources were being judiciously allocated.
  • Worked with the VFX production team to create a compelling visual style.

McJunkin Productions, Inc. (2010)

Freelance Compositor
  • Designed, animated, and composited high-quality effects and CG animation on an interactive DVD game.
  • Created illusions as per specifications and client guidelines; diagnosed and fixed issues before submitting assets to other departments.

23D Films (2006 - 2010)

Senior Staff Animator, CG Lead, and Compositor
  • Drew illustrations and animations for music videos, webisodes, TV commercials, episodic television, and feature films.
  • Engaged in the entire creation process spanning ideation, designing, storyboarding, to green screen keying, tracking, clean-up, and editing. Operated as a Motion Graphics Artist, Compositor, CG Modeler, Texture Artist, and Lighter.
  • Examined and selected entertaining scenes with dramatic and story continuity capabilities.

Moo Studios (2005 - 2006)

Freelance Animator and Compositor
  • Developed various elements for motion animations including stop-motion props.
  • Illustrated 2D hand-drawn and after-effects animations. Assisted in production of broadcast television commercials as a Character Designer, Background Artist, Animator, and Compositor.
  • Maintained consistency with the pre-defined project style by integrating computer animation, special effects, graphics, 2D animation, live action, and static background plates into the final image.
  • Enhanced overall appeal of the project, improved lighting, added grain and motion blur as required, created convincing shadows, matched color levels, keyed, rotoscoped, and created mattes.



  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Substance Painter
  • VRay
  • RedShift
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